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Online Portfolio

I created this online portfolio to showcase a few of the different projects that I've done over the years, to give you some ideas of what I can do for you. Some of these are new and others are not so new; in some cases, I have made minor updates to them, and the rest are pretty much as-is, with the exception of some tweaks to get them running on this site. The site is organized into two (2) sections:

Hopefully this will give you some insight as to what I can bring to the table for your project and/or your organization, whether it's video production, photography, software development or simply the deployment of a website. I look forward to discussing your project/position requirements with you in the near future!

Best regards,

Ken Lowrie


Media Production

Video, Photography & Graphic Design Work

In the media section, I've included a collection of videos that I've produced over the past few years, as well as a few photographs that I've taken and/or retouched. I recently added some of my graphic design artwork to the portfolio, and I hope that all of this gives you an idea of the production value that I will bring to your project!

Software Development

Applications, Websites and Automation

For the software development section, I have a few samples of web applications that I've written, some websites that I created and currently maintain, and some of the open source applications that I use and maintain. Whether you need custom software developed or simply modifications or bug fixes to something you already have, I'd be happy to work with you on the project.


This portfolio landing page is responsive and was coded to show how you can build web pages that automatically adapt to the screen size of the device being used display it. On this page, I am using the popular Bootstrap framework because it has a lot of great features for building responsive websites that are easy to use. There are also many great examples of "tested" code that can be readily used in your site, which saves development time and cuts down on bugs!

Some of the inner web pages that make up this portfolio are also hand coded, and you can download the source code for these pages from my GitHub page here.

As you browse through my portfolio, you will also find websites that were NOT hand coded by me; I simply deployed and customized them. The majority are based on WordPress which is my favorite CMS application to use and install for clients.