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Software Development

Welcome to the Software Development section!

Software Development

This part of my online portfolio contains a few software projects that I've worked on over the years, some websites that I created and currently maintain, and links to other projects that I'm involved with in one way or another.

I've been working in the software industry since the late 1980's, and much of that time I worked on proprietary applications, so I can't post any of that work here. However, since early on, I've been writing utilities and applications that I've distributed freely to others, and that still continues today, only now I make the source code available via Open Source licenses on GitHub.

As I write new things that I believe others might find useful, I upload them to my GitHub page, so that's the place to look for the latest things that I'm working on. Finally, if you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact me.

Website Installations

Although I'm a bit biased towards WordPress, I've installed a few other CMS sites in the past, and I'm comfortable stepping in to make changes to your site, regardless of what underlying software it happens to be running!

If you are running WordPress, using either a built-in theme or one of the myriad of custom themes available in the marketplace today, I can help you get it installed, configured and updated to suit your needs and requirements.

Finally, If you have a completely custom website, written in PHP or Python, I can assist you with making changes to that as well. Or, we can simply take your existing out-of-date site and get it modernized so that it works with the latest devices and browsers.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me. Or send me an email. The sooner we get started, the sooner your project will be done!



Cloudy Logic Studios RESTful API

This RESTful API project implements the Cloudy Logic Studios back-end support for client applications. It is written in PHP, and uses application/json for the content encoding. This API is used by client apps for iOS & Android, making it possible to provide updated content without upgrading the client apps in the App/Play Stores.

If you click View this project, you'll access the front-end testing framework running on, which is written in JavaScript, and is part of the source code for the project.

The repository for the project is stored on GitHub as part of the Cloudy Logic Organization.

AVScript Processor

AV script formatter written in Python

This Audio/Visual (AV) script formatter reads a markdown-like text file and converts it to HTML. I'm in the final stages of testing a rewrite of the original avscript utility, currently stored on the namespaces branch of the repository.

The documentation for this project is currently part of the source tree in the docs directory. The long term plan is to make this project available via the Python Package Installer (PyPI) as part of my KenL380 namespace, with automated testing via TOX as part of a TravisCI project and automated documentation generation via

For now, you can review the source on my GitHub repository.


Java Class Library for CLS REST API

This project contains the Java Class Library for the CLS REST API. The CLS REST API is hosted here and this class library provides you with a Java interface to access the API.

For more information about this project including how to use it, refer to the in the root of the repository for this project.

I also have been working on a Java GUI for the CLS REST API which ultimately will be ported to Android so I can publish the Cloudy Logic Studios app in the play store. If you are interested in reviewing the source for that project, please contact me as it currently is a private repository on GitHub.

Magic Square Web App


This is a web app that is written in PHP and is responsive (done entirely in CSS without any frameworks for the responsive part), and it uses JQuery and AJAX to update the content dynamically.

You can download the source code for this application from my Github page. The repository for the project is located right here.

Movie Tracker DB


This sample database application is built in PHP and uses MySQL. I originally wrote this to keep track of a home movie and video game collection, back before there was NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon Prime... you know, streaming.

You can download the source code for this application from my Github page. The repository for the project is located right here.

Video Training Organizer


This sample web app is built in PHP and uses a static table for identifying and ordering a series of videos. This allows you to put a list of videos together, and organize them by sections or topics, and then present them in that order to a viewer.

As usual, you can download the source code for this application from my Github page. The repository for the project is located right here.

Musician website built on WordPress

This WordPress installation was created for a local musician by the name of Buddy Vargas, as a way of bringing together "everything Buddy Vargas" in one location.

It's also an example of the power and flexibility of WordPress to easily create a custom site for a musician or an artist on a budget.

Cloudy Logic Studios

Business website for Media Company

This WordPress installation is using the Genesis framework to create and maintain a custom site for a small business.

In this case, it happens to be my small business, a video production and consulting company located in the San Antonio, Texas area.

WordPress with Genesis Framework

This WordPress installation uses the popular and flexible Genesis framework. I am using my personal website for this one which is located at, and has been using the Genesis framework for several years.

WordPress site for non-profit

This WordPress installation uses the eleven40 Pro child theme, another flexible Genesis framework theme. In addition, the site implements support for members only content, illustrating how sites can easily maintain content for both members and non-members in an easy-to-navigate manner.