Video , Photography and Graphic Design

This is my media production portfolio page, where I've collected a number of samples of my work over the years to give you an idea of the kind of production value that I can and will bring to your project.

I tried to include a wide variety of works, but at the same time limit the content so the page doesn't get too long and cumbersome, and take forever to load over a crappy internet connection.

If you don't see what you're looking for here, check out my Vimeo page or my production company website for more stuff!

Video Samples

Narrative Music Video

Buddy Vargas - Forgive Me

Official Music Video for Buddy Vargas's Forgive Me single, released in 2018. This video was filmed during the Summer and Fall in and around San Antonio, Texas, and features actors from Texas Actors Workshop.

Business Profile

Bungobox Innovation Video

This is a video that we made for the Focus Forward Film competition on innovation. BungoBox rents reusable plastic moving boxes for both residential and commercial use.


Promo video for HFH Home Centers & Smarter Sorting

This short promo video was made to illustrate the partnership between Habitat for Humanity Home Centers and Smarter Sorting. This partnership is about helping promote a zero waste future!

Sports Documentary HS Player of the week

Five-star rated quarterback Jeff Driskel has tremendous size, speed and a big arm. Driskel was QB for Hagerty High in Oviedo, Florida, when we made this video for Sports Illustrated's High School Player of the Week.

Performance Music Video

Phil Bonanno's Living Music Video

Official music video for Living the first track on Phil Bonanno's Short Songs From a Little Room EP. I shot this video in the same little room where the album was recorded in Orlando, Florida.

Community PSA

Garden Ridge National Library Week Promo

This promo video was made for the Garden Ridge Library, to showcase some of the events they host throughout the year for their Community!


These images that I've included here are just a few samples of my work which I hope will give you an idea of what I can bring to your project. I can handle most types of photography, although most of the work that I get nowadays is either product photography or landscapes, both of which I enjoy doing.

I shoot primarily on Canon cameras and lenses, although I do enjoy my Pixel smartphone camera and some of it's innovative features. I always shoot in raw format if the camera supports it, and I develop my photos using Adobe Lightroom and composite using Adobe Photoshop.

Graphic Design

The following images provide a sampling of some of the graphic design projects that I’ve worked on for my clients. In most cases, the work is original, in others, I took the client's existing artwork and recreated it and/or updated it. Usually this was done in order to provide hi-res scalable versions of their existing art; in other cases, it was to make branding changes that the client needed.

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for my projects, including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.